About the AFHP

The Adult Film History Project (AFHP) was created by Peter Alilunas in 2014. Archivist Dan Erdman joined as co-director in 2015. The purpose of the Adult Film History Project (AFHP) is to support the increased visibility of adult film history by creating an online archive space that collects and catalogs related materials. While the project originated in Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon, the AFHP is intended to be a collaborative effort among scholars around the world with interest in the topic. The AFHP is committed to digitizing, archiving, and encouraging the study of materials related to the history of adult film in order to make that history more visible to researchers of all kinds. At this time our primary goal is developing and establishing the digital infrastructure necessary for an online archive, starting with a presence on the Internet Archive. You can see examples here.

The AFHP depends upon private collections to operate, and does not permanently house any materials. If you are interested in loaning your collection for scanning and digitization, please let us know. We are happy to help with that process and would welcome your collection.

If you would like to scan your own collection and donate the files to the archive, please consult our scanning guide.

Scanning Guide

If you do add to the collection, we ask that you also make an entry into our database, so that even more search capability can be created. Instructions are built-in and easy to follow.

More information about our scanning protocols, metadata practices, and other practices is available on request. Please contact us!

Please help us with the planning of this site by taking our survey.

We are committed to keeping adult film history alive and to making that history visible; however, we make every effort to do so without violating copyright law. If any material on this site is found to violate copyright law, we will take down the material.

The Adult Film History Project is linked to the Adult Film History Scholarly Interest Group in the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

For more information about the AFHP, contact:

Peter Alilunas, co-director
Assistant Professor
School of Journalism and Communication
University of Oregon

Dan Erdman, co-director


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